Mobile HYBRID LED Light Tower
Powered by
      Shore Power
All working as one!
With So Many Features,
It is Difficult to
Remember Them All

Up to
500 hours on 22 gallons of fuel

Most Advanced LEDs on the Market

Video Surveillance

Add Set of Lights to Double Light Output

Dimmable Lights

Automatic Controls

Increase Utilization

Instant On/Off

Radar Surveillance

Remote Ground Lighting

10 KW Generator

Operates with or without Solar

Mast Advertising

DOT Anti-Glare Lighting

Photo Cell or Timer

Retro Fit to LEDs

Up to 90% less fuel

"It's hard to call this just a light tower when it can do so many things, but it is still the best light tower I have ever used"
Ozzie Stivers, Lieutenant U.S. Navy

The future of lighting is in LEDs and the most advanced and functional mobile LED light tower is the HYBRID Tower.

Diesel/JP-8, gasoline, or duel fuel powered 10 kw silenced generator. Lights and power when you need both!

Offer your customer the most advanced solution at a lower price while at the same time increasing revenue.

A patented quick connect system allows for fast and simple deployment of a web based video surveillance system.
Not just a Solar Light Tower
Not just a Diesel/JP-8 Light Cart
What features make this Patented Hybrid Light Tower so UNIQUE?
How much does all this cost?