Do not let the looks fool you. The Hybrid Tower may resemble and operate like a traditional light tower but it is completely different! It outperforms, is more efficient, is more versatile, and more reliable than any light tower seen before.  This Hybrid Tower truly is the future of lighting!
Not just a solar light tower, What makes the hybrid tower unique?
- LED Lights that produce as much as 10 times more light output as other LED light towers

- Patented quick connect video surveillance system available for rental or purchase

- DOT specification roadway LED Lighting

- Patented LED Lights that meet DOT anti-glare specifications

- Patented HYBRID power system utilizing batteries, solar, generator, and standard household power

- LED Lights that attract 80% less insects

- Patented quick connect banner system for a mobile billboard

- LED Lights that generate only about 150 degrees F compared to the 600 -1000 degrees of a traditional
light tower

- LED Lights that can generate different DOT specification lighting patterns

- Patented quick connect mast mounted banner advertisement

- Generates no noise when running the LED lights off battery or 110 volt household current mode

- LED Lights with a patented quick-connect system for running lights remotely around the site

- Saves over 80% of fuel over traditional light towers

- Patented mast rotation system allows LED lights to rotate between street light mode and traditional

- Perkins diesel or Honda engine that automatically starts on low battery to simultaneously run lights and
charge batteries

- Automatic timer to turn LED lights on/off at specified times

- LED Lights that turn on/off instantly allowing operator to gauge lighting requirements, with no re-strike

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What the future of light looks like at night
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