HYBRIDTOWER - Surveillance, radar, wifi, all on a light tower
Lithium Batteries are now standard equipment on the HYBRIDTOWER and the new SOLARTOWER
The HYBRID Tower is more than a light tower, the HYBRID Tower is also widely used as a platform to power equipment that requires to be mobile, elevated, and supplied uninterrupted power for extended periods of time.
Utilizing our patents to provide a true hybrid platform, the HYBRID Tower can supply clean 120/240 AC, 24 volt DC, and communication cables as high 30 feet in the air while in the harshest of environments. 

Signal Power can customize our hardware and our footprint to meet your precise needs.  The engineering team at Signal Power is able to provide custom designs on the structural, mechanical, electrical, and technology aspects to your project.

The HYBRID Tower can supply uninterrupted power for months upon months at a time.