The HYBRIDTOWER can now be outfitted with the most advanced agricultural growing LED lighting - CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION
The HYBRIDTOWER is now availble on the California State Contract as well as GSA and DLA as well as other state contracts, CHECK our NEWS

Photoperiod Outdoors

HYBRIDTOWER Streetlight Mode
A led lighting system that allows you to gain control of outdoor crop growth.

Patented Spectrum Horticultural is a first of its kind, fully self contained, outdoor horticultural grow light.  Extend your growing season, control your photoperiod and manage your outdoor harvest in a way that has never been possible before!

Outdoor Photoperiod Lighting means:

*   Daylight Extension
*   Limited Night Time Interuption
*   Lighting Outdoor Crops
*   Security Lighting for high value crops such as tobacco and hemp