The HYBRIDTOWER is now availble on Sourcewell and the California State Contract as well as GSA and DLA
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Is this your story?

HYBRID Led Light tower
Don had a large site with a lot of skilled labor.  The light towers were crucial, but it wasn't a big deal to turn them on and off.  The lights went on an hour before they really needed them just to make sure they were warmed up and the bulbs were good and then they were turned off in the morning.

Don noticed several times in the morning that the light towers were still running when it was daylight.  At the next staff meeting, he made it a topic to discuss; why weren't the light towers turned off every day?  The excuses were many; shift changes, changes in weather, available manpower, or just forgetting.  In addition, he found that many times the light towers would run 24/7.

This is when Don called Signal Power to discuss, and soon purchase a HYBRIDTOWER.  The first thing they noticed was the quality of light, because the HYBRIDTOWER mimics light produced from the sun, his men had less eye strain, it was actually easier to work.  The HYBRIDTOWER produced no complaints from drivers who had previously complained about light towers creating too much glare.  But what Don noticed immediately was the fuel savings - it was there in black and white.  It was harder to measure manpower savings, but fuel savings were significant.  Whereas the regular light tower burned fuel once it turned on, the HYBRIDTOWER would operate on battery and might run two hours a night on the engine, if at all.  Don calculated that his diesel light towers, though they were only needed around 9 hours per night, were running about 14 hours per night (if not longer).

His calculations showed each of his diesel light towers were consuming roughly 10 gallons per night, a cost of nearly $1,000 per month.  On the other hand, he calculated the HYBRIDTOWER might cost him just $45 per month in fuel.  Don also realized that he was also having to service his diesel light towers at least once a month, costing him another $250 per.   Don was spending approximately $15,000 per year to run each diesel light tower.

Let Signal Power discuss with you what it really costs to purchase, own, and rent the HYBRIDTOWER.