The HYBRIDTOWER is now availble on Sourcewell and the California State Contract as well as GSA and DLA
The HYBRIDTOWER can be outfitted with agricultural growing LED lighting - CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Whether you Rent or Own it is all about Utilization

What really sets the HYBRIDTOWER apart are the vast opportunities to increase utilization.

If you can answer "yes" to just one of these questions, at least one time per year, you will increase your yearly light tower utilization by over 10%!

- Will the ability to run lights in a street light position rather than pointing into the horizon provide a unique opportunity? "

Yes! We know airports cannot run lights above the horizon, and then there are highway worksites that would not have to formulate light studies, events where performers or audience members are not having to adjust to the glare of standard lights, and also replacing “balloon” lights.

- Will the ability to run light at ground level and remotely provide a unique opportunity?

Yes! There are many sites where lighting is needed for a small area but typical lights generate too much heat to run in the down position.  Entrances and concession areas for special events and drilling sites need broad light, but just in a very specific area without attracting insects and generating heat. However, the opportunity to light up a trench or a manhole without the concern for damage or heat is a large and untapped market.

- Will the ability to run lights silently provide a unique opportunity?

Yes! It is a given that any work at night typically requires noise abatement measures to be taken for all equipment.  In particular, a special event with performers or speakers and sporting events like soccer or football would benefit tremendously if they can avoid the noise and fumes of a traditional light tower.

- Will the ability to attach video surveillance provide a unique opportunity?

Yes! Video surveillance for safety issues, marketing, and security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  Your customers require this service; will you or your competition provide them with it?

- Will the ability to attach signage or advertising provide a unique opportunity?

Yes! The concept of a mobile billboard or running advertisement on a light tower has never been explored before, yet it would be hard to deny the potential.  New car lots, radio promotions, soft drink advertisement; this is a vast and untapped market with a base that has never used light towers before.