HYBRIDTOWER – An efficient, performance, versatile, green light tower
UN 38.3 Certified Lithium Batteries are now standard equipment on the HYBRIDTOWER and the new SOLARTOWER
Not just a portable light tower
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The HYBRIDTOWER, not just a portable light tower

Powered by
Shore Power
All working as one!
More Productive, More Efficient, More Versatile
Than any mobile light tower or light cart on the market
Reduce carbon footpring and increase performance

The future of lighting is in LEDs and the most advanced and functional mobile LED light tower is the HYBRID Tower.

Diesel/JP-8, gasoline, or duel fuel powered 10 kw silenced generator. Lights and power when you need both!

Offer your customer the most advanced solution at a lower price while at the same time increasing revenue.

A patented quick connect system allows for fast and simple deployment of a web based video surveillance system.

Check out the new POWER Cub, a 6 kw generator designed specifically for Military applications - CLICK HERE