The HYBRID Tower can now be outfitted with the most advanced agricultural growing LED lighting - CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Advanced, Efficient, Effective

Signal Power builds:

Light Towers, LED Fixtures, Generators, Battery Systems, Mobile Electronics Deployment
The future of lighting is in LEDs and the most advanced mobile LED light tower is the HYBRIDTOWER.
Diesel/JP-8, gasoline, or dual fuel powered 10 kw silenced generator. Lights and power when you need both!
Generate ad new revenue while the HYBRIDTOWER is working. Patented use of the mast for banners.
A patented quick connect system allows for fast and simple deployment of a web based video surveillance system.

“The HYBRID Tower has changed the way we utilize our manpower. Instead of having to assign people to operate mornings and evenings, we just check every few weeks”

Supervisor FEMA

“The fuel savings are great, but the real savings for us are the automatic feature that let us work on our project rather than mess with light towers”

Superintendent Highway Contractor

“It’s hard to call this just a light tower when it can do so many things, but it is still the best light tower I have ever used”

POWERCUB JP-8 6 KW Generator


Check out the new POWERCUB, a 6 kw generator designed specifically for Military applications